St. Louis not St. Louie

August 30, 2011

One of the most disappointing things on this trip has been finding out that St Louis is not pronounced St Louie. Damn you Judy Garland, all these years you had me fooled with your stupid song. Luckily, St Louis redeemed itself with its City Museum. Now imagine, if you will, the best playground you ever went to as a kid. Then double it, triple it and then times it by infinity. Ok, now you can imagine what City Museum is like. Made up of skeleton fighter jets, endless slides and basic weird shit, the Museum is more like an adventure playground for kids and 30 year olds on ‘life breaks’. It’s weird how when you’re older, you lose the fearlessness you have as a child. You start thinking of consequences, broken necks and whether Luke renewed your travel insurance. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun. So much so, Luke spilt the front of his new shorts. Susan, one part of the couple we’re staying with, very generously gave Luke these shorts she had made. Some (he) might say he has a powerful penis, others (me) might just say he should stay off rope swings.

We also went on the Budweiser tour. Seeing Luke avidly listening to boring shit about hops and barley made me look at him differently. Like in a hey, are you going to start calling me bitch, kind of way. But then I looked at him again and he was the only dude on the tour wearing a man bag, so I figured not. The tour was the oddest mix of people; man bag boy and I, the most obese family in America, a cowboy and his wife, a Chinese family and a homeless dude with his plastic bag. You gotta give it to the homeless guy for creative thinking. All he had to do was get through 45 minutes of chat to get two free beers and free pretzels. Sadly, they cottoned onto his plan.

To end our day we went to the famous Ted Drewes for frozen custard. I haven’t totally worked out what frozen custard is, as to us, it’s just like soft serve ice cream but better. However, I will be happy continuing to try the various flavours and ice cream sandwiches until I have completely sussed out the situation.

Tomorrow, Nashville. Yee ha!