Because we didn’t get enough of visiting Antebellum houses in Natchez, we decided to stop off at Oak Alley on the way to Houston. As you can see, it’s really pretty, but if you’re ever in the area and someone tells you to go visit Oak Alley, save yourself $20, take a picture outside and email me for the historical run down.

Due to the Austin fires, the smoke moved across to Houston and produced the most beautiful hazy sky. Unfortunately, that was the only pretty thing about Houston. It must really be a hole as the people we stayed with had nothing nice to say about it and when we stopped in a shop and explained to the guy working there we were only in Houston to be en route to Austin, he begged for us to take him with us. We did go to the movies and saw The Help (which was surprisingly really good). At this cinema you sat at tables with buttons to order food throughout the movie, and that, was the best thing about Houston.