Nashville to Clarksdale

September 5, 2011

On our way to Clarksdale we had the option of stopping at Graceland or Graceland Too. The first I’m sure you all know. The second, we heard about from our letterpress friend in Nashville. Graceland Too is home to an Elvis obsessed man who has turned his home into a shrine to the King. We decided this sounded much more interesting and headed for Holly Springs. We’d heard his house was pink, so when we were greeted with a smurf blue house, we were kind of shocked. The place was so weird, like little boys trapped in his cellar weird. There were fake Christmas trees painted blue all around the barbed wire perimetre of his house. In the garage had what looked like a hearse as well as a pink Cadillac with the number plate ‘Mom’. All of the windows were painted black and boarded up. The guy apparently drinks 24 cans of Coke a day and runs tours 24 hours a day – all you have to do is knock. So we approached the door with slight trepidation. Correction, I was pretty much peeing myself with visions of him kidnapping us. We knocked, we called out, we walked around the back, we banged on the door, he wouldn’t open it. Disappointed/slightly relieved, we went back to the car and drove onto Clarksdale.



September 2, 2011

We’re staying in the most random yet fantastic place in Clarksdale. We’re currently in the Fullilove Shack at the Shack Up Inn. Home of the blues, we’ve just come back from Morgan Freeman’s blues bar, Ground 0. Pretty much everyone in the place was a musician, all insanely talented and boy, were there some characters in there. Speaking of talent, we hope you like our video.