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BOOM. Chocolate cake

June 10, 2011

Team play

June 6, 2011

It’s weird watching another man flirt with your boyfriend. It’s kind of like watching Love Island without any snacks to get you through it.

To be honest, Luke and I did discuss taking one for the team as after two days, chateau man was pretty uninterested in us despite our best efforts in conversation. So to put some spark in our relationship, we put Luke in a low cut t-shirt and boy did it deliver. After seeing Luke’s four chest hairs, he was giggling like a drunk school girl on half a glass of Lambrini. And tonight, after eating Luke’s mushroom risotto, he pretty much orgasmed all over the Napoleon III kitchen table. I almost felt like the 3rd wheel.

And as a result of Luke’s team commitment, he’s dropping us off at Mont St Michel tomorrow and I couldn’t be prouder of him.