Goodbye (again)

August 12, 2011

Sorry for the slight pause in proceedings. Despite being brief, we had a great time back in London. We went to one of the best and most fun weddings in history, despite Luke and I realising two hours into our five hour drive that we had both forgotten our wallets and then when we got to the wedding with two minutes to spare, we realised we hadn’t written down the address. We also hadn’t got changed, so our grand entrance into the wedding was us running through the car park, getting changed as we ran and arriving rather sweaty and looking, well, shit. As our goodbye to London and for my 30th, we decided to have drinks with friends on our last night. Well, that went well as the scum of the country decided to riot for no other reason that they’re total fuck wits who thought themselves entitled to some free Nikes. And as a result, East London completely shut down, including the place we were going to have our drinks. We’ve never seen London like it. It was a weird way to say goodbye to the city we loved.