August 19, 2011

With a stomach full of eleven courses of sashimi, potential whiplash from the Cyclone roller coaster from our day at Coney Island and our sore feet rubbed by some giggly Chinese masseurs (exposure to Luke’s big toe), I didn’t think my 30th birthday could get any better.

That was until the Bacon cocktail.

We finished the night at PDT in the Lower East Side just near our place. The bar is actually hidden behind the wall of a phone booth in a hot dog cafe. To get inside, you have to lift the receiver to be let in the ‘secret door’. Now, we’d had a couple of cocktails and were finishing the night off with a Bacon cocktail (it really did taste like bacon). We were sitting there rapping about bacon, lardons and other derivatives of pork when Luke asked me if I’d like my last present. He’d already promised me a kick ass bike when we got to Australia, plus I had packed all our stuff, so I had no idea what it could be. He reached into his bag and got a little black thing out.

I almost died. I thought it was a ring box. I thought for a second he was going to propose.

Then I realised, it was a bike bell.

Oh…cool, I said while thinking; you loser thinking it was a ring. You are such a girl.

Then, out of nowhere, he started grabbing my hand and telling me not only was it a bell, but it also looked like a ring too. He slipped it on my finger and asked me to marry him.

I told him to stop joking and get it off my hand.

I asked him if the Bacon was making him do this.

I asked if he was serious about ten times.*

And then I said YES!

I double checked this morning and he still hasn’t said ‘whoops I was drunk’ or ‘JOKING’ so I guess it’s true…WE’RE FUCKING ENGAGED!!!!

We don’t have a ring (except for a bike bell that takes up most of my hand), nor do we have a date or a plan. But I do know one thing; I’m going to marry my best friend in the not so distant future and I can’t wait.

*BACKSTORY: we had a conversation in France about a month ago where Luke said I don’t know if I even want to get married, and if it does happen, it’s not going to to be for a really, really long time…clearly his sense of time works a little faster than the average persons.